Government Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School, Madhi is one of the Model Sanskriti Schools in Haryana State. Like Saarthak Schools, Kastoorba Schools, Aarohi Schools in Haryana, Model Sanskriti School Scheme is also an effective approach to uplift the standard of education in Haryana Govt. schools. The school is recently affiliated with CBSE, Delhi. Besides every facility in the schools, the administrative setup has also been upgraded. Being a model school, it is provided with well-equipped and well-maintained laboratories IT lab, Library, Rooms, and Administrative Building. Though all these facilities facilitate the learning environment it is also a hard fact that education was never catered in big buildings, it has always flourished in the best learning environments. For that, the role of a leader is always significant. The school head and faculty members have worked industriously to overcome the challenges and the result of that hard work can be seen when now almost 90% of the parents have started coming to the parent-teacher meeting and the school students are getting State & District level positions in debates, declamation and Quiz competitions. Problems of limited resources are also smartly handled with the best management skills and financial support from NGOs. In short, the school is a perfect example of perfect leadership. The leader of the school has ensured to work in all the major key areas of leadership.